What is a Tau?

A Tau is a mixture of a boisterous little girl, a troubled adolescent, a sophisticated coed, a charming young woman and a wise old lady. She's a streak of gold and a flash of green dancing in the union, tying up the phone, planning a big weekend, cutting a two-hour lab, loafing in the dining hall, and whipping up a last minute party.

She will comfort you when things look bad; praise you for your finest qualities and tease you for your greatest faults; She will let you down once in a while, cut lift you up when it counts the most. On her desk you'll find a dance program, a sorority hat, Mom's last letter, a football schedule, her boyfriend's picture, and a calendar of social events. As a sorority girl, she'll exert all her efforts to build a prize-winning float, compose a clever skit, pay this semester's dues, set the table for tea, decorate for a party, and recruit for Alpha Sigma Tau.

She's known as an individualist, a party girl, a procrastinator, an absolute failure, and a huge success. And when you need a song, she's there to sing it. If you need a dress, she's there to lend it. When you need some understanding, she's there to give it. And when you need a sister, she's right there beside you. She can be so much, yet so little. But when she accepts a rose, a shirt, a pin and a hat, she's an angel, a princess, my sister, a Tau.

Alpha Sigma Tau Sisterhood Poem