Our Leadership

Molly Smith


Hello! My name is Molly Smith and I am a Junior Corporate Communications major here at Belmont University. I am from Canton, OH but I couldn’t be happier to have spent the past couple years in Nashville. I have the privilege of serving as Delta Eta’s 2017 Chapter President. Before this, I held the position of Director of New Member Education. One of the reasons I am proud to serve this sisterhood is because I am helping my sisters invest in their future. Through sisterhood bonding, Illuminate sessions, and community service we are all growing to be better versions of ourselves. By being an Alpha Sigma Tau, I have been given countless opportunities, memories, and of course a group of sisters to last a lifetime. Delta Eta is full of diversity and it has been a great privilege to learn from each of the 200 women in our sorority. A few fun facts: I am obsessed with my dogs (Bella and Frankie), I hold firm on my belief that Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield is the best song ever written, the past two summers I have been a camp counselor, and I hope to live abroad one day!

Katherine Heidecke

Vice President of Operations

Hi! I'm Katherine Heidecke, I am a Junior, Social Entrepreneurship major, writing minor from Grayslake, IL. I have previously held the position of New Member Assistant (holla) and am so proud to serve as the Vice President of Operations! AST means more to me than I ever expected. In a group of 200 women, many ask, "Do you know everyone?" Honestly, yes. Though I may not be "best friends" with each and every one of my sisters, I know their names. My favorite part of AST is the connections. Whether it's during sisterhood retreat or recruitment, there is always an opportunity to get to know a sister better. The bond AST brings to the Belmont community is something I will be forever grateful for. Here are some fun facts about me: my favorite music artists range from Lorde to Sawyer to Chance the Rapper. I am a sucker for a good, sappy rom-com (more specifically When Harry Met Sally). My goal in life is to meet Michelle Obama. Parks and Recreation is my favorite show of all time. Maya Angelou is my favorite author and one of my favorite activists.

Disaffiliated for Recruitment

Vice President of Organizational Development

Our VP of Organizational Development is helping beautiful PNM's find their home! In order to serve them to her fullest ability she is disaffiliated at the moment but we can't wait to welcome her back into our arms with all our new members!

Cynthia Klauber

Vice President of Finance

Hey there! My name is Cynthia Klauber and I am a Junior Entrepreneurship and Marketing double major from Issaquah, WA. Prior to serving as the Vice President of Finance for Delta Eta, I was the Finance Assistant and Treasurer. I love this sisterhood because this is a group of women who are fearlessly themselves and we celebrate our individuality. Getting to serve my sister’s as a Vice President has been a blessing both as a leadership opportunity and because I get to collaborate with pretty much every director in some way or another! A few fun things about me: -YES, it is TRUE, I was homeschooled all my life until college! -I really like to bake and cook. More like love. Like sometimes it gets in the way of schoolwork. -I traveled to Israel, Turkey, and Greece with Belmont in 2016

McLaine Beeman

Vice President of Member Development

My name is McLaine Beeman and I am a junior Music Therapy student from Saint Louis, MO. Those are unfun facts. My fun facts include that I had to wear an eyepatch as a kid, and my entire fifth grade year I would only answer to the name Fred. Even from my Mom. And I play the banjo. But If you’re reading this don’t stress because I will get back on track now. I have previously held the Director of Music Education and Illuminate Director positions before joining this fire EC team. However, these incredible women have done much more for me than I will ever be able to repay them. The thing I love most about AST is that doing the bare minimum is simply not in our genetic code. From academics to on campus organizations to everything else you can think of, I can bet there is an AST there giving it 110%. this holds true in our relationships with the community as well as our relationships with each other, and I could not be more proud to call these women my sisters. Maybe you’ll see us backstage at the CMA’s, or changing out of our letters into a pair of nursing scrubs. You’ll definitely see us in the Beaman having a competition over who can get the oreo from their forehead to their mouth the fastest. Overall, I wouldn’t change being a part of this magical sisterhood for the world.

Jenny O'Brien

Vice President of Growth

Hey there, my name’s Jenny O’Brien. I’m a junior Economics major from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and I serve as Alpha Sigma Taus Vice President of Growth. Since joining I’ve become involved with various committees and served as the Director of Ritual and Housing for the 2016 calendar year. In Nashville you can usually find me outdoors, enjoying one of the many coffee shops, or cheering in the stands at a Bruin Basketball game. I joined Alpha Sigma Tau my freshman year at Belmont and could not be more proud of this organization and all it stands for. To me, Alpha Sigma Tau is more than just a sorority, it’s a group of women that push me to live out our values daily and to have a voice at Belmont. I am so proud to be able to serve our sisters and our Greek community and hope that you’re able to find your home in Belmont Greek Life just as I have!

Kelly Christ

Vice President of Community Relations

Hi! My name is Kelly, I am a Senior, Corporate Communications major, from Blue Bell Pennsylvania. Being a member of Alpha Sigma Tau has helped me find my home here in Nashville as well as find myself! From my involvement in AST over the last three years I have discovered my passions and future career. As a freshman, I was involved on multiple committees before taking on my first position as the Director of Event Planning. This position fully immersed me in Alpha Sigma Tau as well as in the Belmont Greek community. The connections and relationships I made led me to feel called to take on my current position as the Vice President of Community Relations. I am so proud to work alongside these women and serve our incredible chapter. Some fun facts about me are that I love photography, hiking, the beach but also the mountains, cozy sweaters and traveling. The coolest thing I've ever done is jump out of a plane! So, that's a little snippet about me and I am so thankful to be a part of a sorority that loves me for exactly who I am!